I have done Civil War reenacting since July 4, 2009. With the help of a friend, we machine-sewed my first dress, a plain, pointed-bodice dress that fit over my hoops & corset. Later that year, I took a trip (with the same friend) down to Cedar Creek, VA, to go to a reenactment there. I participated in my first “ball” and from there I was in love…. with Civil War reenacting!

Through most of the 2010 season I was ill. I did only 1 event- the July 4th gathering in the City. I couldn’t afford to go to Cedar Creek that year. Plus, I had to bottle-feed two goats up until July, which was when most of the reenactments I could go to happened. (I didn’t mind the bottle-feeding goat part… it was VERY fun!)

This year, I have already attended 1 event- the 150th Lincoln Inaguration Party my group set up. I dressed in my ballgown and did my hair, all ready to dance. (Although we didn’t dance.) We had a Lincoln reenactor there to give us a speech (which was very moving) and to take pictures. (He had the silliest faces, though, and a great sense of humor!) I was there with several other girls/women, all dressed in our very finest! I was far beat by being the belle of the ball, although it was okay, C was gorgeous!

But anyway, I own 2 dresses- my ball gown & my day dress. I have been working to accumulate the needed items to make a new outfit- a Zouave Jacket + Garibaldi shirt + Skirt + Bow combo I LOVE. Abraham’s Lady carries the Zouave Jacket pattern & the Garibaldi skirt pattern, for MUCH better prices I have seen elsewhere.

I hope to make the outfit like thus…. (bulleted list, my paragraph got way too long!)

  • White Garibaldi shirt, white buttons
  • Pink Zouave jacket, white braiding on cuffs & around the bodice
  • White bow at my neck
  • White Medici-style belt, pink floral embroidery
  • Pink plaid skirt, with pockets
  • Straw sunhat with pink & white silk flowers (scroll down to see said sunhat)

That’s quite a bit on reenacting today, but going to events always gets me excited! I hope to have all of this completed by July 4th, at the latest, so I can wear a new dress for the event!!! Do any of you do Civil War Reenacting? Would you be interested in trying it out?