Photo by Me : Trying to get that perfect headshot, but was not to be.


Note: I’ve moved Week In Review to Saturday because I really enjoy Farm Friend Friday! I hope you don’t mind. ūüôā

Whew! I’m very glad this week is almost over! I’m just about tuckered out from it all.

Sunday: I don’t remember Sunday much. I know I slept a lot, and read a lot.

Monday: Monday’s Post – Spring is Around the Corner. Monday was spent buried in schoolwork. I tried to get it all done by 2:45 p.m, but totally didn’t work out and I was done near ’til 4! I knitted during teacher meetings, like I always do. Today was the day that I started doing well in maths again! I brought my grade up from near a 70 to an 80 in one day!

Tuesday: Tuesday’s Post- Tunes Tuesday and March Goals & Feb. Review. Tuesday was moderately hectic. I was trying to balance out schoolwork with spending time with the fam & Bill, but mostly schoolwork took over and I was done at about 2:30 p.m.

Wednesday: Wednesday’s Post- Baby Blanket. Wednesday was slower, but S1 had to go to the City for some “therapy” (I say “therapy” because I don’t get it.) I stayed home with Dad, Brother, & S2, but we didn’t do much… watching music videos was the extent of excitement.

Thursday: Thursday’s Post – Things I Love Thursday. For some reason, Thursday was really surreal. Almost like it was too good to be true- I finished schoolwork by almost 2 p.m, got 5/5 on a math test, and spent hours with Bill. I talked to my Gram & Pap (Dad’s side) over the cliff (the 8ft drop-off at the end of our hill) and they had a load of coal to be shoveled. Just a good day.

Friday: Friday’s Post – Farm Friend Friday- Dishcloth Knitting!¬†I only got my English schoolwork done. I had to go to the City really early to pick up S1 from¬† school and take her to her cooking class, and then stay in the City while she cooked, and then went there to eat a really huge meal. We ate a really funky salad, vegetable shushi, a hawaiian-themed course, and then a pad thai course, guava cake, pineapple cake, and a chocolate fountain. LOTS of food, LOTS of people eating! I was really grumpy all day. I have no clue why, though!

Saturday: Saturday’s Post- You are reading it! Today’s plans consist of schoolwork and reenacting. My group is holding a celebration to celebrate Lincoln’s 150th inaguration. A potluck meal + a speech by a faux Lincoln + ballroom dancing. I can’t wait!!

How was everyone’s week? Was it exciting or boring?