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Note: All project/pattern links are Ravelry links! I don’t know if you need to sign up to view them or not, because I am always signed into Ravelry!

Over the years, I have knitted a lot of dishcloths. Myself, I prefer the Grandmother’s Favorite pattern. Knitting dishcloths is really easy, so I reccommend it as a first project. Not only is it easy, bit it sure is quick! There are lots of choices for different patterns. Most of all, knitting dishcloths is fun.

I’ve used my dishcloths for just about everything- from washing dishes, to washing my face & hot bod, to washing down the goats in their baths. They are pretty useful- and make great rags once they are a little sad-looking. Knitted dishcloths hold A LOT of water, and you can run them right in your washer, depending that you use 100% cotton yarn.

One of my first projects (after the scarf) was the dishcloth. I knitted an eLoominator’s Diagonal Dishcloth. It was pretty sloppy for my first dishcloth, but I still use it! To make your basic dishcloth, you need to be able to knit, make a yarn over, and knit 2 together. If you don’t know how to do a yarn-over or knit 2 together, there are many awesome help sites out there like knittinghelp.com.

There are loads of really awesome patterns out there for dishcloths. Like the other two above, I have knitted Lacy 4 Leaf Clover Dishcloth, Diagonal Bee Stitch Cloth and Reverse Miter Dishcloth. They are both really easy. Some patterns I would like to try are Seeded Stripe Dishcloth, Doily Style Dishcloth, and Apple Washcloth.

Dishcloths are not only super-easy, but generally pretty quick. I can make a dishcloth with US sz. 8 needles in about a day. Intsant gratification when you are working on a boring or hard project! Dishcloths make quick last-minute presents as well. Wrap up a bar of homemade soap in a dishcloth, tie with a piece of twine, and there you go! A quick stocking stuffer.

I’ve sent lots of dishcloths to all sorts of people, for example, I gave a set of 3 to my Nana (Mother’s side grandmother) to help her out. I have given them to both of my Aunts, Grammie (Dad’s side Grandmother), Mom, Nana, both of my Paps, and LOADS of people. They always appreciate a good home-knitted cloth.

Dishcloths are really excellent portable projects, so you can go outside and sit on a swing, watching your kids (goat & human) frolic around in the spring sun while knitting. I’ve done it lots of times, but take care not to drop your project or ball of yarn on the ground!

Do you knit your own dishcloths? What sort of patterns do you use?