Photo by Me

This bright, but cold Thursday, I love…

  • My wakey-wakey brother! He stumbles around for a little bit in the morning while shouting “Ta-tas! Ta-tas!” (His version of Thomas the Train.)
  • How white Bill is again. It’s nice to see a clean goat.
  • The forever-blanket project. It’s at 31” on one side now, and I have 5 more inches to go until I can begin decreasing.
  • Morning country music videos with Dad & Brother.
  • That Holly’s all soft-feeling again.
  • Drama Queen, for once.
  • Curling up under the covers and just going to sleep because I’m so tired.
  • The atmosphere.
  • The fact the snow is all gone!
  • The daffodil sproutlets.
  • Flannel, especially my pink plaid flannel shirt.
  • Tractor Supply Company. Always.
  • Albright’s goat food. It’s the only kind of goat food Bill eats anymore.
  • Feeding Bill carrots. He goes WILD for them!
  • Reading my friend’s lame Facebook statuses about how horrible their lives are and commenting “If it’s so bad, just go change it. You can’t do anything sitting on Facebook, compaining!”
  • Making really awesome soap that looks like it is tye-dyed.

What do you all love this Thursday?