My mother is pregnant. Yep. She’s given birth to 4 kids, 3 with drugs/all that crap, and one without. I knitted my Brother a beautiful baby blanket out of Red Heart’s yarn. I think it was called Earth & Sky. It took me almost 5 months to knit it. Now, I intend on doing the same for my new sibling although I want to make this blanket challenging.

The pattern I want to use is called Pine Forest Baby Blanket. Here is the Ravelry link to it. Although I need to use a “cheap” acrylic yarn to make it I can’t afford to buy 100% wool yarn for somebody who might be allergic. So, I am thinking of using Caron SuperSoft yarn. (It is deliciously soft, plus washable!) Since we won’t know if the baby is a boy or girl until about June/July, I want to knit it out of a “unisex” color. Here are some of my preliminary choices.



On the top row, I like the “Dark Sage” color because of the deepness of the green. Plus, the other blankets knitted in a deep green look wonderful. The red is called “Autumn Red” and it would be great for the season because the baby is going to be born in September. The “Cypress” (bottom row, left) is very pretty as well, I can easily see a blanket knitted in that. The “Chocolate” is a good color for both a girl and a boy, since chocolate is frequently paired with pink or blue.

It’s a little important to me to knit this blanket. It helped me “get over” having a new sibling. It also helped me create an attachment to Brother, he uses his blanket in the car and sometimes when we go out. This blanket for Baby X, I really want it to come home in said blanket. Why? Because it wouldn’t be something the hospital would give to it because it was born there, it would be something made from love.

I’m curious what of the four colors do you like? What do you think would be best suited for a boy, or suited for a girl? Do you think any of these colors are good for both? What are you partial to?