A white Bluebird box with a pink flower painted arond the hole. The word "welcome" is painted underneath in purple. In the background, you see the blue sky and the boughs of a pine tree.

Picture by Me

Last month, I did a post on my goals for February. This month, I wish to continue the tradition, and then review February goals as well. Here is the link to the February goals article. With no further ado, here is March’s goals!

  • Get in 30mn of exercise each day, even if it is bad weather.
  • Finish knitted blanket for myself.
  • Finish spinning the 100% Icelandic wool.
  • Remember to clean my room every day.
  • Muck barn out & replace with fresh straw.
  • Celebrate my birthday!

I picked out some pretty simple goals for this month. Namely, I want to work on the 1st goal the most- it is very important that I get back into “shape” or whatever Doctors call it. I have been working on a knitted blanket for myself the past three months, and I really want to finish this month- as a birthday gift to myself! I also still have 100% Icelandic on the spindle from January, I could barely get any spinning time in for February.

I want to point out that although February was a short month, boy, was it busy! I was trying to produce really good content here on the blog,  plus stay on track for school, plus manage to keep Bill from getting sick in the weather, PLUS the fact that my mother announced that she was preggo in the eggo, it was very, constantly, upsettingly busy. I, of course, set the knitting goal way too high for myself- there is no way I could manage to finish the blanket and a scarf! Also, I frogged a crochet project, so there was no crochet projects for February. I did make a bar of soap this month- an orange-scented embedded Silly-band bar. I managed to get my desk organized- once. It still seems like it is pulling apart at the seams because of all the work that is done here! The 30mn of exercise a day goal went down the drain, though. I viseted my doctor on the 22nd, and she stressed that I need to do more exercise each day, plus watch what I eat. I never really expected it to be so hard!