Photo by Me

Today I am forgoing the usual Week in Review to do Farm Friend Friday. I was introduced to FFF by Ohiofarmgirl at her blog. FFF was started by Verde Farm to get us farmers talking about our farms. I don’t nessasarily have a traditional “farm” but I’ve got a goat, rabbits, and some guts!

Today I’m talking about gardens. Man, do I want a garden! It’s superextradeuluxe hard to garden in these parts, due to the fact I live near three (three!!!) quarries and essentially have a granite slab underneath the soil. So it makes it hard to garden directly into the ground. So, I am going to do a raised bed/container garden mix this year.

The basis behind this plan is simple- have 1 5x3x2 raised bed, and a few 5 gallon bucket containers. Here’s the basic layout of what I want:

Although I am not completely sure if that’s exactly what I want to eat. I know most definitely I want to grow tomatoes, peas, and broccoli, but the other three are give and take, depending on the rest of the family. My grandfather has gardened for years, so I know I can rely on him for help. It’ll make him feel manly.

I want to garden really badly because I like to eat, and I like to help things grow. (For example, Bill. I will never lose my faith in MannaPro, Karo syrup, and naps on blankets.) I know I’ll eat the things I grow. I hate canned/frozen beans, but I love them fresh, especially from Pap’s garden.

I guess you could call this dealio I’ve got going on a mini-garden, but I don’t care. It’ll be another step towards a huge one!

Something I learned this week was that Bill loves carrots. He is fully addicted to them! Mom was cleaning out the fridge, and asked me if I wanted to take the carrots up to the rabbits, so I took them up and gave a carrot each to the rabbits, and then have Bill a nibble to try. HOLY CRAP he went crazy! He was taking huge bites, with that silly goaty-grin on his face that says “SWEET JESUS THESE ARE GOOD.” It was pretty funny, so I left 3 carrots up there for him and split the last one in two to give to the rabbits. When I went up only a few hours afterward, there were no remains. None at all.

Today Bill has to stay inside of the barn because of the weather. It’s blowing snow AND rain, so it’s generally pretty yucky. I hate rain this time of the year, but in about two to three weeks, I probably will be craving a big old thunderstorm. (I love thunderstorms!)

Both of the rabbits have been doing okay, but I think this winter has been hard on them. Specks has lost a LOT of weight, but he’s still plowing on. Every winter, Dad says “This’ll be his last one,” but then Specks goes on to live. Holly has had a rough time, too. He doesn’t go inside of his nest-box at night, but sits on top. For awhile, I had McGyvered a tarp-bungee-cord-cinderblock thing that was keeping him dry, but it had to go this past weekend before.

I guess that’s it for farm-related stuff today. I sort of miss talking about it all the time, but that can be arranged! How did your week go? Got any farm-related things to share?