photo taken by myself

Good morning! How is everyone doing? Welcome to today’s Things I Love Thursday post! For a little bit of background info, every Thursday I make a list of things I love. It started with Gala Darling’s blog and her Things I Love Thursday posts. You can click this link to view all of the posts I have done on this subject.

  • Our new kitchen appliances! They are so huge!
  • My tumblr blog. I changed up the theme for a more “minimalist” look. I really like it.
  • Bill‘s growing beard. It’s so wispy and cute.
  • Hot tea in my most favorite mug.
  • My new daisy earrings, they are very me!
  • Reading books late into the night.
  • Reminising of my Harry Potter years.
  • Finally getting a weheartit.com account!
  • Finding S1 a pretty Irish Dancing (called Irish Charm) Willow Tree “angel”
  • Watching S2 draw pictures, she is very imaginative.
  • B1’s love for Thomas the Train. It always gets me!
  • Dad’s truck. Always.
  • Watching Unstoppable and seeing familiar places! (which I think is good, although Mom disagrees)
  • Our new teapot, it is very pretty. (see above picture)
  • Having President’s Day off!

That’s quite a list for today! What’s some of the things you are loving this Thursday? Share in the comments!