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The quiet settles in my room like a dove. Peace, at last. But it’s broken by the shrill whine of my sister. She’s complaining about doing some Math, which coincidentally, I am working on too. I resist the urge to slam my door shut, but I don’t. I remembered a promise I made to myself: keep the door open.

It’s really hard, working in a separated space. I used to work in the kitchen with my sisters, but the distraction they caused was too high for me to succeed in schoolwork. I eventually got a desk in my room. During the day, my room is referred to as my “office.” The distraction went down by 50%, and my schoolwork is excelling. But I can’t get over the aloneness.

The only thing I enjoyed about working in an open space with others was the company they provided. I highly dislike working alone on schoolwork. Although people who hover over my shoulder and breathe down my neck bother me, just having someone sitting beside me, working, provides enough. Now that I am upstairs, little company comes and goes to see me.

The biggest thing to working in a separated space is keep the door open. In proverbial and metaphorical senses, closing the door symbolizes something that has ended/broken apart. Somebody who “closes the door” is shutting off your relationship, leaving you behind. Or, if you are on the other side, you are shutting them out. But, keeping the door open symbolizes an open relationship, a new way to communicate, a new “door” to a new future.

If you work in a closed, shut-door space, nobody will want to come in, much less know you are there. If you keep the door open, people will be less afraid to stop in, ask how you are doing, and maybe linger only to leave after a little. Would you want to visit somebody who has the door firmly closed? I wouldn’t – the door means that they don’t want you around. By keeping the door open, you want company.

Just today my mom stopped in and sat with me for a little. She asked how I was doing, and I said I was okay, and was working on a bit of World History. She asked me what I was doing in World History, and I explained to her that I was working on some religious wars. She said that was cool, and scooted off. I was happy that she took the care to come upstairs and visit me. By keeping the door open, it gave her the feeling I was open for business, open for company, openhearted.

All in all, when you are working in an enclosed space, keep the door open! The only “proper” time to shut your door is when you are working on something very important that you shouldn’t be disturbed about. Do you work in an enclosed space? Do you keep the door open for others to come in? Share your thoughts in the comments!