{my favorite picture this week!}

Whew! What a week! It’s Thursday again, so time for another round of Things I Love Thursday! This week, I love…

  • Red, my Betta fish. He is such a ham!
  • Bill, the goat, of course
  • The warmer weather. Right now it is about 40 degrees outside!!!
  • My messy office space. As much as it is distracting, it makes me feel busy
  • My pen-pal commenting on Facebook statuses
  • Making to-do lists for every day because I seem to forget things
  • Crawling into bed at night and reading Nancy Drew for an hour
  • Early mornings without anyone in the house being up but me, Red, and Drama Queen
  • Hearing the super-happy chirps of birds in the morning
  • Knitting a blanket for myself during meetings with my teachers
  • Being excited for no reason at all, so exhilarating
  • Tin Roof Sundae ice cream, oh yeah!

What are you loving this Thursday? Share in the comments!