Today my family and I went to our local park for a walk. It was a beautiful 61 degrees outside, give or take a few. We walked for about an hour, and we had a grand time just hanging out. My brother was napping in his stroller, and dad was off at work, so really it was just mom, the girls, my brother, and I. By the time we had walked around the camping area, my brother had woken up and was upset that he was asleep for it all!

Since I live out near the woods, the park is really a game preserve for animals that would normally be killed due to harassing local farms. For example, people frequently have to trap coyotes and take them over to be relocated, which sometimes doesn’t work out for a particular coyote bitch (female dog)…. but anyway, most often it’s ‘coons and possums being relocated. The park always has a nest or two of Bald Eagles. They aren’t as majestic as you think they are… just a bit intimidating.

Also, it’s 61 degrees outside!!!! We had some daffodils/tulip thingys that are starting to sprout!!! I planted some back in September, but I doubt they will be sprouting until later this month or March. The ground is all squishy with mud, and it thrills me to the core! I have always adored spring, not only is it my birthday season, but because of how the world seems to unfold before my eyes every year. It really is a miracle!

PS: I am taking an computer sabbatical this Friday-Saturday-Sunday-Monday. (Except really on Friday, I am doing no-any-extra-computer-time-unless-for-school-day.)