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There is nothing that towers over a single person’s relationship status as Valentine’s Day. It brings up the topic of having somebody else, that whole us stuff they advertise on television. They make chocolates, candies, and cards. You might be single and skeptical. You don’t have that “special someone” or an “us.” Well, I’m letting you know- I don’t. I don’t want “somebody special” right now in my life. But, as much as I don’t want somebody, V-Day still towers over my life, and I’ve got a few tricks that topples it.

  • I don’t need somebody special, I have myself!

The biggest feeling for V-Day is that inadequacy that a single person gets for well, being single. It’s not an issue for married people, or a couple. They have it made, you think to yourself. You can’t buy chocolate and rings and pretty things for yourself on V-Day. Who made that rule up? Some dingaling who wanted to be plain rude to singles? Well, bucko, you have something coming your way. You don’t need somebody “special” on V-Day, you have yourself! What a better way to express your self-love than to get yourself something really special?

  • I don’t know what to get myself!

It is a bit of an issue if you don’t know what you are getting yourself. There are lots of things, lots of meaningless things. Since you are celebrating your self-love, buy or make something that is really important to you. For example, you want something that reminds you of your self-love every day. You could buy yourself chocolates, but they only last until you have eaten them all. (Which can be forever, but they get gross.) What about making something for yourself? Have you been wanting to sew yourself a sixties-style dress? Do it! You can wear it as soon as you are done, and yep, it’ll last forever. (Or at least a very long time!) You could buy yourself a beautiful ring. A ring that says something important to you, or just maybe even a plain band that goes around your finger. There are many beautiful things out there that can be used to symbolize your self-love.

  • What about treating myself to dinner?

Lots of couples go out to dinner for V-Day. You can go yourself. Pick out your most favorite restraunt. If its a classy restraunt that you get dressed up for, get dressed up. Wear that special dress you made yourself. I bet you can dress it up. Wear that ring or necklace. Don’t take a book. Ask for a table that is perfectly in and out of the way. You can have a good, long, people watching session. (But don’t stare, there is a big difference.) Take your time eating. You are treating yourself to dinner, for Pete’s sake!

  • What if I don’t want to do anything?

If you don’t want to do anything on V-Day, ignore my suggestions. Spend your time watching a movie, playing a card game, or going to the library. Follow your normal Monday routine. It’s just you and V-Day. It doesn’t have to be V-Day if you want it. Any suggestion of “Who is your special someone?” and say “Oh, I didn’t know it was V-Day, I never noticed, I have been so busy.” It’s just a little holiday.

Valentine’s Day can be a tragic day, or a happy day. Any way you choose it, you can do it by yourself or with somebody you love. You can buy yourself something special, make yourself something special, and even take yourself out to dinner. You don’t have to celebrate if you are single. You can do whatever you want on V-Day, it’s just a regular Monday morning.