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Look at her. Sitting there at her special place at the table, pouring her heart and soul over a tattered book called How to be a Detective. The girl slowly gets up and tiptoes out of the kitchen and down the hall, entering a room full of books. She scans the shelf quickly, and comes up with a worn copy of Nancy Drew #5 : Secrets at Shadow Ranch.

The girl makes her way back into the kitchen, sliently slipping into her seat. She flicks open the Nancy Drew novel and reads. By the time she is done with the page, the girl’s mother walks into the kitchen. The mother notices the daughter, but pays her odd habits no heed. When she looks to the refrigerator, she sees a large notice:



25 cents PER CASE


“So, Mom, are you missing anything? Have any cases for me to solve?” the girl pipes up. The mother turns and looks at her.

“Nope, not today, hun,” she replies. With a small chuckle, the mother finishes her tasks in the kitchen and heads back to wherever she had come from.

If any of you were to meet my ten-year-old self, you would be surprised to find that I was obcessed with detectives. I wanted to be a Nancy Drew- smart, pretty, and most of all- a detective. I spent hours with a book called How to Be a Detective. I almost wore that book to pieces if it wasn’t for Nancy Drew.

Nancy and I have had an on & off relationship, beginning with my 4th grade teacher reading aloud The Secret of the Old Clock. I began there- reading Nancy Drew’s fifth novel, The Secret of Shadow Ranch, next. I collected Nancy Drews for years. I have a large part of the series, which only recently, I have began reading again.

I wanted to share this small part of my life with you because it was one of those points in my life that I had a passion. (One of my first passions, actually!) I was a detective in all senses- I had my own little business (maybe not in the economy’s eyes, but in my own!), my own future, my own kit and books. I was doing what I wanted to be.

I guess once you are a detective, you are always a detective. Just today I passed my book down to my little sister- she’s only 8. Strutting outside looking for “evidence” on her latest case. (Which is about how a corn kernel got out to be a bird feeder.) She sat down in her special place at the table and poured over that book. (Although she’s not ready yet for Nancy Drew!)

If nothing else, take this from the story: do what you want to do. If you want to be a writer, write! If you want to be a detective, be a detective. No matter how small your steps are, eventually, they will turn into long strides, and then you will be running. Maybe even you will fly one day.

Did you ever have a passion like that when you were younger? What was it? Share in the comments below!