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Here is what I love this Thursday.. in a list!

  • thinking about getting a goldfish to keep me company in my “office”
  • writing letters to my penpal in Cali!
  • dreaming about visting Cali to see my Great Aunt and watching a sunrise on the beach
  • that patch of grass under our pine tree, it feels good to touch it with my hands
  • the goat, Bill
  • teal-colored fine-point Sharpies
  • watching Thomas the Train with my brother
  • posting beautiful images to the Tumblr
  • writing awesome posts and then scheduling them
  • preparing for a fabulous new adventure on Barn Talk
  • having the sun stream right down on me
  • my muck boots
  • listening to good music while working
  • reading and finishing books & then writing about them
  • biology labs for school

That’s quite a list for today. What are you loving this Thursday? Share in the comments!