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I used to swear by Burt’s Bees Honey Infused Lip Balm. It changed my ugly, chapped lips into beautiful, plump goodness in under two days. Then, I went to Cracker Barrel. I was looking around in the Country Shop, and I came across a goat’s milk lip balm. Of course, being a supporter of the goat market, I took a look. I had five bucks in my pocket, and my mom ran my saving grace through the dryer (forever ruining it) and I so happened to need new lip balm. So, I bought it for $3.99.

That is the world’s best four bucks I ever spent. Un under ONE day, my fugly chapped lips were restored to beauty. Soft, pepperminty lips graced my acne-scarred face and I felt ravishing. Seriously, guys.

Dionis has been in my pocket since October of ’10. I lost it for a little bit (now wondering if somebody stole it) and found it again. It works wonders. I apply in the morning, noon, and night. Three times a day, and it works like a charm. What really attracts me to this product is in the label:

Infused with moisturizing goats milk, shea butter, and Vitamin E to help soothe and protect lips. 96% NATURAL

Three things in that little label tell me good things: the goat’s milk, the shea butter, and the VE. Being a soaper, I know that the natural thingymcdoos in milk make your skin soft. Even the Victorians knew this, they would take milk baths. The shea butter helps protect the lips from drying out, since our lips have none of the same-type pores our skin does, it doesn’t sweat or naturally keep itself from flaking off. The VE does all of the above. (Which, in reality, most soap should  have every thing that I just listed to keep your skin beautiful, naturally!)

Looking further into the product label, it lists things like Beeswax right off the bat. That means beeswax has the highest content amount in the lip balm. Beeswax is natural, and does wonders for skin. Then comes oils like Sunflower and Coconut. After a Vitamin A Acetate, comes Jojoba seed oil. Then there’s the flavor/smell oils, and then Shea butter, goats milk, ternifola seed oil, some sort of leaf extract, Vitamin E, and then Castor seed oil.

I own the .25 oz of lip balm tube. It’s seriously a lot of lip balm. It’s wider round than my thumb, and just as long. For using it for about two months straight, I have bearly made a dent in it! Plus, it’s really high quality. It will get soft in the sun or in your pocket because of the shea butter content, but if you keep it in a coat pocket or in your purse, that won’t happen. (Which happens to shea butter because of the low melting point! That means it’s natural!)

I really suggest this product to you because it’s all of the above, and if you try it, more.

(I am not affiliated with this product/company at all. I wrote this out of the generosity of my own heart and the well-being of your mid-winter lips. I used the picture from this page, and edited in the words and heart symbol in using Picnik.)