Delightful Gala of Gala Darling started a weekly love-list a long time ago on her own blog. Every Thursday, she shares the things that she loves. I figured I could share mine as some new weekly content for you guys!

What I love today…

– the morning  sunlight, it’s so refreshing – Bill the goat, of course – my world history class, the teacher is hilarious – my new desk, it’s so inspiring – mary moo moos as paperweights – my fancy pink and purple binders all arranged so they alternate – model horses, especially wintersong and thee desperado – my pittsburgh zoo bracelet, the charms are mood-charms shaped like bear paws – the new nail polish i put on, it’s pink with sparkles – this purse, it’s so cute! – my schedule for school, yahoo sends me reminders to work! – my guardian angel window charm, it has my name on it – carosuels – the book Carosuel Painter, I should write about it – my camera, even though the pictures aren’t always great – my sweater i am wearing –

What are you loving this Thursday?