I was born on March 24. I share my birthday with Peyton Manning and Harry Houdini. I’ll be sixteen. (There you go, you know how old I am.) (Also, what a number! I never thought I would make it without going crazy!) This year, I’m posting my wishlist online. (How concieted of me. I hope you don’t mind.) Plus, there is probably more I’ll want, but this is what I liked right now.

1 : Soar the Air Necklace : Forever 21.com

2: Floral Fabric Bracelet : Forever 21.com

3: Relaxed Striped Top : Forever 21.com

4: Carry Your Love Bag : Modcloth.com

5: Quiet Campus Stroll Dress in Purple : Modcloth.com

PS: I start my wishlist for my birthday so early is because this is when everybody starts pestering me for what I want.