January has been one tumultous month. This month I sold my first goat, started a new school, and really began to see myself. I have learned a lot this month, not only in school, but life. I haven’t really come forward with any goals for this year, let alone January. I plan on making goals every month from now on.

January was a month of beginnings- new projects, new hobbies, and new dreams. This month I started spinning, and finished my first mini-skein of about 18 yds of 100% Shetland wool. I started getting real with my crochet by starting a long-wise crochet scarf. I also started to take my blog seriously again. Which was only the last few days, though.

With that said, here’s my goals for February.

  • Get on track with school & stay that way
  • Finish 2 knitting projects
  • Finish a crochet project
  • Make some soap
  • Get my new desk organized and decorated
  • Fit in 30mn of exercise a day.. maybe buy that walk away the pounds dvd @ sam’s club
  • Blog about everything on this list except the first and point before this point

I’ll see y’all later!