It’s not as drastic as Jenna’s -23 degrees outside, but it is strange for Centre county. This morning, I went outside extra early to check  on everyone, and poor Holliday’s whiskers were frozen! To prevent them from falling off, I brought him inside for a while and gave him some un-frozen water.

Holly’s better now and is tormenting Bill in the barn. Speckles is okay, when I stuck my hand into his condo (something I wish I didn’t have to do) his head popped out and his whiskers were covered in rabbit fur. It’s good that that old boy is smart to line his box with hair and poo. (Holly isn’t that smart…)

It was so warm in the barn, I could breathe in there without my breath becoming steam. That’s a good thing to keep Bill and Holly warm. If Holly and Speckles didn’t hate each other as much as they do, I would have put Specks in the barn as well.

I have 1 bird feeder out of service. It’s frozen and for some reason, Mother won’t let it in the house to unfreeze. She claims the “feces will kill us all!” I can’t do anything but follow her instructions. Other than that, the birds have been wild outside. I made a milk jug sunflower seed feeder in early December, and it’s a favorite of the smaller birds like Chickadees and sparrows.

I have been really busy lately with school. I’m switching cyber programs, and it’s crazy trying to finish one course while moving to the next. My new school starts tomorrow and the one I’m still in doesn’t end until the 31st. I am hoping to get my school things delivered either today afternoon or early, early tomorrow morning.

I haven’t taken any pictures as of late, but I sure have been knitting. I’m thinking of making a cowl, although I want to buy some real wool yarn to make it.. el cheapo acrylic doesn’t keep me very warm outside, although it’s like a sauna inside! I haven’t been spinning lately as well… although I made it to my library’s knitting group on Thursday!

That’s it for this Monday. I hope y’all are okay with this really cold weather!