No pics on the computer yet, but boy, was the Farm Show fun this year. I took only a few (roughly 30) photos… *cough cough* them goaties just needed the petties.

I will say this- in the barn I keep a kitty litter box full of corncobs to give to Bill. Well, last night, apparently he pulled the box from it’s shelf and opened it and ate a quarter box of corn. Oh. My. Word. He’s alright, but other than the fact he’s still lonely, he used to do things like that when Cricket was asleep to get some food. Poor Bill.

I found a Nigi Breeder that is going to begin having kids in early February… $75 bucks for a wether. I think that’s a good price, especially for a companion animal. I would really love to have a doe, but $300?! That’s wayy too much for me at the moment.

That’s it on updates and such for the moment!