I own a pair of Muck Boots in the Scrub Gardening Variety. The color is Plum Vine. They are meant for Gardening, but they are perfect for working in the barn, taking care of the animals, running around in the snow… and about a million other things I have yet to find out.

They are supremely comfortable! They keep my feet really warm, which is really important to me. Plus, my feet are dry in them. I loathe wet feet with all of my heart, and these do the job on keeping them nice and dry! The top isn’t very clingy to my ankle, which is a good thing so I can bend my ankle. Also, the toe is reinforced with an extra layer of rubber. Bill can stand on my toes without hurting them.

On the aethstetic side, they are really pretty! They are nice and girly while still being a tad utilitarian. They are definitely all-weather boots, so their prettiness brightens up the winter and will go right with everything in the spring and summer.

On the downside, they are made in China. So they aren’t the most sustainable, but not everything made in China is crappy. My Pappy Butch (not his real name, just a nick name) has a pair that he uses for trapping, hunting, and just about anything else he can do outdoors, and they have stood up for three years of hard wear. He says they are worth the price, and they really have paid themselves off.

You can buy them at my local Tractor Supply, although they were pretty expensive there. My parents bought mine at an Amish Tack and Saddle shop on the other side of the mountain (Penns Valley) for a good price. They are about $65 – $67 USD there.

Do you own a pair of Muck Boots? If so, what kind? What do you think about them?