At about 5:30 pm Eastern time, the goats are going to begin being sold at the Bellevile Livestock Market. Among those goats is Cricket. Cricket was the first goat I ever held in my arms. Cricket was my first official goat. He was my first official goat to go.

Now that the barn is mucked, Bill settled in, and me clean and fresh, I feel like a weight of the world has been lifted from my shoulders. No longer will I continue to be hurt by a buck. No longer will my mother vomit because of the stench. No longer will my siblings be afraid to go to the top of the hill to play with Bill.

I’m tired. It took a lot of me to ask the lady at the desk where to drop off the goat. It took a lot from me to sit and hold Cricket while he shivered and bleated because he was scared and nervous. I was ready to cry. Maybe I might still cry. I’m not sure wether to jump for joy or cry.

This is the end of the Autumn and Cricket chapter. But this is not the end, it’s only the beginning.