Boy oh boy. It’s like spring out there.. and then it’s not. Makes me anxious a bit. Anyway, Bill. I’ve said before how much I love little Bill, but today… oh boy. I have hopes for that little goat.

See, when we bought the goats at the Amish benefit auction, they were bought with the inention that I could show them for 4-H and win medals, and whatever those kids won. I had dreams of me with tropies and a little brown goat. Then, I loved Cricket. Now.. not so much.

Then I discovered I really can’t show a goat without it being registered and all sorts of other stuff. I couldn’t do that… much less afford it. To save my goats from the freezer, I decided they would be working goats. Pack goats. Cart goats. Originally, before Cricket got agressive, he would have been perfect. He followed on the lead like an angel, but that went down the drain.

Now, I’ve been working with Bill. He’s getting better- but for some reason, he won’t go down the hill, so I devised a plan. Bribery. I filled one of the food scoops about a quarter way full of rabbit food. (the goats love rabbit food) I would clip Bill to the lead, and begin to shake the scoop. It works like a charm. Bill follows me perfectly. When I want him to stop, I stop shaking the scoop and say “Stop” in a deep, loud tone. He stops, and he gets a bite or so of food.

Today, I made some progress. Bill will now go halfway down the hill without stopping. If he does stop,  I shake the scoop harder and turn him around. He’ll go to the top of the hill, where no treats are involved, and we’ll try again. Each time, it takes longer and longer before he stops.

Keeping record of his progress is what some of this is about. Recording. Noting. Thinking. This is what I’m in for… it’s like the Goaty Experiment. That’s what it is. The Goaty Experiment.