Happy New Year… a day late. (I spent yesterday in Pittsburgh) Anywho, goals. I like to use the term “goals” instead of “resolutions” when I talk about the New Year.

This year’s goals are focused on me and the animals. This year, I plan to get into shape. If I’m keeping livestock, then I need to be healthy for them. If I am healthy, then I can do better to take care of them. I’m going to cut down my t-v and computer time by half (excluding school-time computer, because I do cyberschool). I’m also bring back yoga, a big-time thing for me back in middle school. I’m going to drop out junk food. If I am hungry, munch on a banana instead of a PopTart. That sort of thing. The last thing is that I need to read the Bible more to improve my mental health.

For the animals, there is so much. I need to finish the barn, put up fencing, build a hayrack. I’m going to get some chickens (or at least I hope) and raise them. I’m going to sell Cricket later this week or next week, and find a meat goat to raise and sell for 4-H. (Chickens are also a 4-H thing…)

I also want to do a lot of extra things. I have a tie-quilt that I want to finish. When I work on it, I’ll write about it. I’m doing the 11 for 11 knitting challenge. I have an embroidery project to finish, for 4-H nonetheless. I have various works-in-projects to finish.

This year is about beginnings and endings. The beginnings of a new me, a new farm, and the ending of regrets. This year is going to be great. It’s going to be… I have faith in it.