Okay, so I have a goat named Bill. Bill is a Saanen. Bill is…. adorable. He stands and looks at the sky when I am petting him. (he does not have any diseases or neurological problems… he just does that) If I stand and stare at him, he stands and stares at me back, his head cocked to one side like a puppy. If I walk away, he stands and nickers (that is the noise he makes other than screaming) at me until I go back. If I say “kiss me” he leans over and nuzzles my cheek. (Yes, he seriously does) If I say “up, Bill” he jumps up on a surface. He smiles. He sits on laps like a kid. He sighs. He stands and sticks his leg out straight for minutes on end, even if his leg has nothing wrong with it. He yawns in my face. He’s a cuddle bunny. He gives hugs. He listens to me and sometimes make noises that sounds like he is laughing. He’s comfort in sorrow and joy in good times. Bill is the bestest friend any girl could have- even better than a gal pal or a boyfriend. Bill’s changed my life, taught me responsibility and undying love. He’s taught me trust and caring. He’s taught me to be curious and ask questions. He’s taught me to let go and dance like nobody’s watching. I prayed to God for a best friend that would change my life.

I didn’t know God would send a goat.