The above (crappy) picture is of the Slick E-Reader my Nana gave me for Christmas. It plays music, stores photos, and keeps e-Books. I really like it- it’s very useful for me. To some, and to me at one point, I disliked them because it wasn’t like holding a book in your hands and so and such. That’s true- but there is a whole other point.

E-books are cheap. Seriously. For someone who lives in a tight budget, the cheaper, the better. I was given this, so the capital is zilch. I was given a Barnes and Nobles $30 gift card as well, so that is zilch on my part as well. I can get plenty of free classics from on the web.

It’s also useful because I can carry it in my bag. It’s good for reading in the car, seeing as it’s not very heavy or cumbersome. I can keep up to 2,000 books. (I might not even read that many) I can keep refrence books on here without spending umpteen million dollars, and using valuable space.

Yes, there is nothing like the smell of a book, but books are expensive. I love books with all of my heart, but I don’t have the space for them all! (That, and the fact my mP3 player died recently, it holds music!) I can get library books on it too, so it saves me gas as well.

The point? E-Readers are worth it. Yeah, they cost a lot, but like anything else quality and useful, it pays for itself. You spend $6.00 less on gas, $7.00 less on a books, and maybe just helps the enviroment. I believe in the E-Reader. Do you?