Meet Speckles. He’s about 8 years old. Speck’s a sweetheart. He’ll be held, cuddled, and kissed until your heart is content. He also likes to pose for pictures, like he did here! Specks once was a daddy, and he was really surprising- rabbit bucks are known to kill young baby rabbits, and Specks did not.

See, the baby rabbits had made a hole where they could pass through the pen divider and live with Specks. Specks, surprisingly, took very good care of his babies. He would lay in his nest box, and the babies would cuddle right up with him! He’s such a good rabbit.

I guess I’m introducing you to the gang around here at Little Rocky Ridge Farm. There’s not much yet. You’ve met Holly, and now Specks. Up next is Drama Queen, the non-barn barn cat.