At the moment, I am aiming to get some chickens this coming spring. I love chickens, not only because they are beautiful and interesting creatures, but my grandmother has always had them and I have grown up with chickens. (Not to mention the fact home chicken eggs taste so way better than commercial!) I’m going to list my wishlist of chickens. I’m using the McMurray Hatchery site for referance on prices/breeds. My ideal chicken would lay eggs and be a good setter, not to mention beautiful as well.

Blue Laced Red Wyandotte : ($3.99 straight run) I like the beauty of these particular birds.

Rhode Island Red : ($2.63 per chicken 1-10 females) These are the chickens I grew up with.

Buff Orpingtons : ($2.67 per chicken 1-10 females) I have heard a lot of good about Buff Orpingtons. Plus, they are pretty!

Partridge Rocks : ($2.78 per chicken 1-10 females) On the site they say they are good setters, so I will try for a good setter.

What kind of chickens do you keep, (if you have them)  and what sort of experience have you had with them?