the end of an era


On Saturday, a good friend of mine came and picked up Bill to take to her farm a few miles away. Yes, Bill is no longer on his hill. The decision did not come easily, I struggled for several months on what I was going to do.

You see, Bill was very, very alone here. Since beginning college and starting my job, my time will Bill every day had gone from minimal to zero. While I was away at school and work, Bill would chew on the side of the barn, walk in circles, and bang his head on his deck. With no other animals here, Bill was so lonely he became aggressive whenever he did have company.

Bill was also captive to any clock I was on at the time- there was no regular routine to his life that he had while I was still a high school student. Nobody else wanted to help with him, and since I was struggling to study and work, Bill was given the short end of the stick.

I am loathe to admit this, but I have known things were on the downhill slide since Nana passed away. It’s funny how horrible events act as markers on our lives, and losing Nana changed me a little on the inside… the proverbial roses stopped blooming for long enough for me to realize that my self-induced bubble that Bill and I lived in wasn’t going to be enough for very long.

Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt, folks. This is the end of an era for me. I have loved my time raising and caring for Bill, and I have loved my time writing here. Moving on with my life is difficult, but I have no choice. In the last few months, my interests have changed drastically, and now that Bill is living in much better circumstances, I feel free enough to write again. I’m going to be writing over here- as of yet I have nothing posted. 

Since I never say goodbye- I’ll see you later, dear Readers. Have a good one.


plans, plans, plans


Turns out the bees at Pap’s place bit the big one this winter. I think the subzero temps and ferocious wind took its toll. It’s a good thing I’m gifting myself a nuc for my birthday, then.


Tomorrow is going to be an interesting day- tonight at work I was able to buy some organic lemons to make a Lemon Drizzle Cake. I have translated the recipe into standard American cups and such, but since it’s on another piece of paper, I’ll share after I have taken some pictures. Everyone in the house loves this recipe- I like to call it my Lemonade Cake. 🙂

I’m still on a MaryJanesFarm magazine kick- I simply love the atmosphere, recipes, and ideas it gives me. I’m definitely going to send away for a subscription. Speaking of magazines, I need to renew Countryside… ah, spring! Brings out the wanna-bee farmgirl in me.

Before I forget- I saw my first robin today! I always know Spring is close when the robins return. Next thing I know, Dad will be getting the gourds ready for purple martins!

Until tomorrow,




bring it on, spring



Watched this movie, The Monuments Men tonight with a friend of mine, G. It was REALLY good! I haven’t ever liked a movie about WW2 other than Captain America and the Molly movie. I totally recommend it, to just about anyone. However I learned about the LEGO movie tonight and I may just treat Em to it…

Anyway, Pennsylvania is continuing to melt. On my way home tonight, the roads were semi-bad, but I managed it. At least this long winter has taught me to drive on bad roads! Nearly all of the customers were happy- the weather really has a lot to do with our attitudes, as I am finding out. I was so glad to hear the birds sing, I can barely get over it.

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately thinking about garden planning. I know so little about gardening, and since I can barely keep a plant alive, it will be a challenge. I have been looking at heirloom varieties that will do well in pots. Have any reccommendations?

Also- I’m getting ready to buy some bees for the spring. I’m thinking about trying out a nuc hive this year, and while it comes with a lot of risks, I’m willing to do it. Have any experience with nucs?

Ah, lots of questions tonight. My inner farmgirl is ready to go. Bring it on, spring!

Until tomorrow,


baby goats (a video)



I was feeling sad about having a big goat earlier today and so I searched around on Youtube for funny videos of goat kids. I ended up seeing this one, and my heart was won. I do so love myself some fuzzy baby goaties! However, I still very much love my big honking Bill. He hasn’t made an appearance on the blog lately…

Until tomorrow,


i can hear the rain


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I can hear rain! Yes, R A I N!!!! While I know it will freeze the roads later, I can’t help but celebrate that it is actually raining out there. This morning’s fog coupled with birds’ song (!!!) and now rain, spring is on its way! Hallelujah! This long winter will be over soon.

I received Elizabeth and Her German Garden today in the mail, thank you so much UPS lady. (I pronounce it ups, like up with an s in the end.) I will be starting to read it during my break at work tonight. Also- I’m swapping A Fine Romance and a copy of Mary Jane’s Farm for some back issues of Victoria with a friend. Don’t worry… the books will be back in my hands, safe and sound, after my friend has finished. Likewise with her books… I love having friends that have interests and tastes like I do!


I wanted to quickly share with you this bookmark I have been using the last few weeks. My favorite bookmark, which was made by HJ a few years ago, is starting to wear out, and is in my copy of This Lullaby, which I have been reading in between new books. I found this bookmark at Barnes and Noble’s a while back, and it’s simply so pretty and springlike. It’s become my second favorite bookmark.

I hope you all have a lovely afternoon and evening!

Until tomorrow,