This is a Willow Tree Loving Angel. Ever since, oh… about fourteen, I have loved Willow Tree angels. I think they’re beautiful, and creative; full of meaning for a symbol-loving heart like mine. I found this one at Goodwill this weekend, after years of searching for one that is more affordable for me.

I put this angel right next to a picture of myself and a big letter A given to me by a friend. It looks like it belongs there, in its tiny vignette that reminds me to love myself. (I’m a big fan of vignettes, although I’m not good at making them!) It’s in a place where I’ll see it every time I set down to write/do homework, a place where the morning sun hits it just so. 

I think we all need a loving angel in our lives. It might not be a Willow Tree angel, but something that reminds us to love a little more each day. Even though our definitions of love are all different, we should be able to see something that says “open your heart, leave room for love today” instead of seeing things that remind us to close our hearts, clutter that fills up not only our rooms, but our hearts.

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